Dementia Centred

A 1940s style farm cottage, ‘Orchard Cottage’, currently provides a unique space at Beamish Museum, an open air museum in County Durham, for a wide range of group activities with older people, people living with dementia and other long term health conditions. As the Museum’s Health & Wellbeing Team prepares to re-locate to a new building in its 1950s town, this is an exciting opportunity to create an environment which combines best practice for dementia friendly design, while also keeping the historical integrity of the building and using the museum’s original collections.  

Over the next few years a new 1950s town will be emerging at Beamish Museum; constructing replicas and original buildings from across the North East.  As part of this exciting project the Health & Wellbeing Team will be re-locating to a new space; a row of Aged Miner’s Homes copied from ones in South Shields, with the space of two houses knocked into...