Commissioning dementia services systematically, and developing pathways and partnerships between health, care and housing and between different sectors, is a relatively recent development in policy thinking, now becoming practice. It involves new skills and understanding about clinical practices, about obstacles and incentives as well as sound and continuing knowledge of the changing world of dementia.

DSDC helped us at get our heads around dementia care across the whole commissioning landscape and keep in focus outcomes we were looking to achieve.
North West

Training and support for commissioners

DSDC is able to offer bespoke training and support to help commissioners for dementia and for older people increase their effectiveness.

There is a strong link to our work on whole system policy review, pathway development, leadership development and governance. DSDC is currently developing a Learning Set for Commissioners. This is drawing on the recent work DSDC has undertaken with commissioning authorities across the UK in reviewing dementia strategies, supporting integrated delivery and performance improvement, including delivering Deep Dive reviews of service provision, skills and governance arrangements.

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