Dementia and Ageing Research group seminar: understanding and improving outcomes

DARG17 a research seminar

As a society there is a growing recognition of the need to address the demographic changes of an ageing population. At the University of Stirling we focus our research and development activity around the common goal of improving lives. Our research programmes deliver the here and now findings that have the potential to make real life differences in the immediate future. As such our research has the potential for a more immediate impact compared to the likes of basic science and clinical trials research. Coupled with our ongoing development activities we have the ability to deliver palpable impact to the older population and those living with dementia.

Our research covers a vast spectrum of areas. Our strength lies in our combined ability to continue to make sense of individual research findings in the global research context. This will enable us to build the larger picture of the optimal elements that make up the essence of “A good life”.

At DARG17 we explored this larger picture of the University’s current research and development activities.

The presentations from the seminar are available here to download.

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Care and Support

  • Day care for people with dementia: comparing experiences from Norway and Scotland - Louise McCabe
  • How do people with dementia make assistive technology work for them? Innovation, personalisation and bricolage - Grant Gibson
  • Personalised physical activity for people with dementia living in care homes - Alison Bowes
  • Best practice in dementia care: research into practice - Shirley Law
  • The role of volunteers in dementia care - Vikki McCall

Acute Hospitals

  • The OPRAA Cohort - Emma Reynish
  • Mortality in older people with cognitive spectrum disorders on admission to the acute medical ward: analysis of a prospective cohort of 6724 patients with two years follow up - Simona Hapca
  • Hospital costs for patients with cognitive impairments in the OPRAA cohort - Alasdair Rutherford

Home and home-making

  • Neighbourhoods: our people, our places - Kainde Manji
  • Home: process, practice and place - Richard Ward
  • DSDC Design - Lesley Palmer
  • Material culture and transitions in care - Melanie Lovatt

Quality of life

  • Carers workshop project - Wendy Perry
  • Co-production methodology to explore quality of life - Corinne Greasley-Adams
  • Can home care reduce the risk of emergency readmissions of older people? - Feifei Bu

Keynote presentation - Professor Martin Orrell

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for dementia